Emerige, a Patron of Culture

Convinced that art can change every day life, Emerige is a patron committed to culture. It encourages contemporary creation, most notably through the Emerige Revelations Grant, and facilitates a wide audience’s encounter with art, focusing in particular on reaching a younger audience by collaborating with actors of artistic and cultural education.


Contributing to building a more beautiful living environment for all, Emerige also contributes to the presentation of art throughout the city, in particular by acquiring and commissioning works of contemporary art as part of the “1 immeuble, 1 oeuvre” (One Building, One Work of Art) campaign, cofounded by Emerige in 2015 under the aegis of the Ministry of Culture and Communication. Over the past year, it has financed the creation of over forty works of art to be presented in buildings constructed or restored by Emerige.

A Vacation in Versailles

versailles bd


In France each year 25% of children are not able to go on a vacation. In partnership with the Chateau de Versailles, Emerige decided to offer 6,000 children between 6 and 13 years old the opportunity to spend a vacation in Versailles.


Children from Courneuve, Montreuil, Pantin, Paris, Saint-Denis, Saint-Ouen, and Vitry-sur-Seine visited the Chateau on two consecutive Mondays, July 25 and August 22, 2016, when it was closed to the general public. With a kit containing a treasure hunt, a map of the estate, and a route map, participants were invited to discover the secrets of the Chateau and the gardens of Versailles.


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Odeon Generation(s)



Odeon Generation(s) gives children between 13 and 15 years of age from high-priority education areas the opportunity to discover the theater over the course of two years. Each year, these students participate in workshops, with the goal of appearing in a performance at the Odeon at the end of the second year. 100 students from four schools in Paris and Ile-de-France have taken advantage of this chance to discover European theater and culture.

The 12×12 Festival



Emerige supports initiatives aiming to broaden Parisians’ access to culture.

Each year, twelve days of exhibitions, shows, and performances in twelve locations in the 12th arrondissement as part of the 12×12 Festival. The 12×12 hopes to present original works created with the assistance of the 100 Etablissement Culturel Solidaire, a cooperatively run residency space that welcomes over 1,500 artists working in a wide range of disciplines to its studio spaces in Paris. In 2016, the Festival focused on recent art by emerging artists from France and abroad. The Group showcased the work of percussion artist Cyril Hernandez, in particular his performance “Imaginason,” a multimedia musical concert. Partly due to the support of Emerige, the access tho the festival is free for all visitors. 

The Fondation du Collège de France

Conférence de Jacques Livage


Emerige is responsible for initiating a collaboration with the Fondation du Collège de France and bringing a series of conferences from French high-school students with limited access to advanced education, for various social, economic, or geographic reasons.


Professors will travel to schools in priority areas to meet with students, who will be welcomed in turn at the College de France, where they will have the opportunity to meet and discuss their future career plans with young researchers.

The Emerige Grant Revelations
edgar_sarin_minuit_11 bd


During the first few years following their graduation from art schools and universities, young artists often have a hard time producing new work, building a reputation, and finding their first gallery.

As someone who understands artists and their needs, Laurent Dumas felt compelled to help them on their way in a concrete, lasting way. Created in 2014, the Emerige Grant Revelations, an endowment funded by Emerige, is awarded each year to an emerging artist (under 35 years of age), living in France. The grant goes toward the artist’s first solo exhibition in a well-known, professional French gallery, from producing the work themselves with the loan of a studio to financing the exhibition itself. Emerige draws the attention of art-world professionals, collectors, journalists, and a wide audience to the work of a new French talent. It also contributes to promoting the work of all finalists, presented in a group exhibition accompanied by the publication of a catalogue and media coverage.

Gérard Garouste’s La Source

la source


La Source organizes artistic activities for marginalized youths from rural and suburban areas, led by renowned artists and educators, in the visual arts, theater, writing, and music. The goal, in Garouste’s own words, is to allow them to “develop their imagination, give free reign to their emotions, to help them become more independent and to show them that they are able to imagine, create, and realize their own projects.”