Paris (7th arrondissement)

This major project, located at the intersection of the famous Boulevard Raspail, the Rue de Grenelle, and the Rue du Bac, consists in the restructuring of an exceptional area in Paris’s 7th arrondissement. Emerige and AOG are creating for this space a prestigious property development, bringing together housing with high-end retail spaces located on the ground floor. Innovative in its architectural approach, its goal is to maintain the site’s historic volumes while emulating the spirit of industrial constructions in major metropolises such as London, New York, and Brussels.

Images of the Project
Details of the Project

Adress: 14 boulevard Raspail ; 53-57 rue de Grenelle ; 83-85 rue du Bac – Paris
Architects: B+B architectes, Franklin Azzi Architecture
Landscape designer: Michel Desvigne
Designer: IMAO
Total surface area: 10,378 m²
Program: 59 housing units and a total of 5,519 m² of retail space
Completion: 2018