Zac Clichy Batignolles / secteur ouest / Parc Martin Luther King – Paris 17
86 apartments – Delivery: 2017


Discover in avant-première the future project of Emerige. Considered one of the most brilliant architects of his generation, Ma Yansong creates, for the first time in Paris, a unique and emblematic architectural piece of work: Unic. A singular architectural gesture highly inspired by nature, an iconic symbol of a new Parisian urban landscape.


Northwest Paris, in the modern and dynamic ecodistrict connected to Batignolles, Emerige and MAD Studio are writing a new chapter of Parisian urbanism. The emotional strength of this concept willingly breaks with the monotony of cities, and proposes a daring architecture that calls for a new relationship between men and their environment, by a harmonic habitat with nature.


Inspired by the beautifully structured plateaux of Asian hills, this 50-metre building displays a series of suspended terraces of winding and irregular curves, all implemented in horizontality to lighten the traditional verticality of modern constructions. Delicate and aerial, the weightless building seems to float over luxuriant vegetation.


With high-quality services, unique in current contemporary construction, this new architectural concept favours an exceptional living environment, starting by ceilings 2.70 m high, a majestic lobby of double height and splendid common spaces arranged around a subtle design of interior/exterior gardens.


Everything here has been designed and imagined to offer a deep sensation of well-being and absolute serenity. Each apartment is bathed with light; instead of full walls there are huge windows that open over generous terraces whose floor area represents ¼ of the living area. The goal is to allow each and everyone to be constantly in contact with the environment and to offer the vastest view possible on the city and its surroundings. “This new architectural language is the expression of the vision that guides us and allows us to breathe new life, more harmonious, announcing the city of the future and our relationship to it.

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