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Committed to fostering an appreciation for culture among all audiences, in particular for those who rarely encounter, Emerige has invited close to 6,000 children to enjoy a vacation in Versailles.


Children between ages 6 and 13 from the entire Ile-de-France region were given privileged access to the Chateau during summer 2016. With an activity kit containing a treasure hunt, a map of the estate, and a route map, participants were invited to discover the secrets of the Chateau and the gardens of Versailles.Mediators and actors posted at different iconic places in the Chateau guided them throughout the day. The children were also able to discover the work of Olafur Eliasson, the contemporary artist invited this year by the French state to present works on the grounds of the Chateau.


A staff of about fifty people (mediators, actors, staff members) was involved in organizing each of these two days. Additionally, 700 children were able to participate in guided visits on the theme of “Versailles’s Four Pasts,” during which they were told about the different roles of the site: a royal residence, then the Palais de la République, now a museum of French history as well as of contemporary art.


Emerige’s goal in organizing this vacation is to provide their intended audience with a rare opportunity to experience and appreciate a historical monument and a site for the presentation of contemporary art.


This program, a collaboration between Emerige and the Chateau de Versailles, will take place one again during summer 2017.